Ceramics Camp

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Ceramics Camp, is an idea of a series of thematic clay art symposiums, which are taking place in ‘Kostas Karakitsos’ ceramics workshop, in Avramilia – near the city of Kavala – during the summer months.

“Ceramic camp” is a place of research and dissemination of clay art, located in Avramilia, Northen Greece. It is a place where people that are interested in learning or extending their knowledge regarding ceramics are able to attend specialized workshops, presentations and open discussions on contemporary ceramics.

Along with other ceramists, we explore, experiment and approach issues on contemporary ceramics. We are trying to find new ways and to bring out new ideas and techniques, in order for ceramics to become a source of joy, creation, discovery and reflection.

We invite ceramists from abroad so as to share our thoughts and experiences. One of our goals is to bring out the work of newcomer Greek and foreign artist, whose work is of interest to us, through exhibitions and presentation of their work as well as by their participation in Ceramic Camp’s seminars.

We collaborate with “Balkan Art Gallery”, based in Xanthi, which gives us the opportunity to exhibit our works. At the same time, we created an art space in Thessaloniki, where the work of the invited artists will be presented.

We also collaborate with the MOHA Research Center (Mohammed Ali) and the Mohammed Ali Museum. They support us, providing printed material and hosting the organized conferences and meetings. We are also able to use their spaces and halls for exhibitions and projection in everything related to contemporary ceramics.

The first Ceramics Camp symposium “Stains & Slips”, was organized in August 2015. This summer’s, Ceramics Camp thematic symposiums, organized by Kostas Karakitsos , and Giorgos Vavatsis