Raku – The Origin

27 (Αντιγραφή)
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Two days and two nights; a seminar; an unusually beautiful experience.
A trip to the neverending history of Raku.
Since the 16th century, the changes of Raku’s traditional Japanese kiln
have been nonexistent.We constructed these kilns, we reproduced
glazes in order to achive the effects of the famous “Aka” – low temperature
red tea bowl – and “Kuro” – high temperature black tea bowl.
We did achive both. Our tea bowls were fired in traditional kilns filled with
petrocarbonand with the use of pressured air, we did manage to reach
1220°C,experiencing an amazing process.
We enjoyed our company’s endless discussions about ceramics along with
the enthusiasm on our results.We are now ready for the next seminar
in August 21th.
Stay tuned!